Culinary Associate Degrees

Associate Degree Programs for Culinary Students

Associate degree programs may be a good way to start your culinary education. You can take courses with any program that suits your needs. You may be able to earn careers as a chef, restaurant manager, cook, or even as a business owner with your associate degree in Culinary Arts. The associate degree is the balance between very little training with certificates and over-training with a bachelor’s program. Read More

-An associate degree may teach you everything that you need to know about culinary careers and the industry as a whole.

-Getting your associate degree can offer great careers on its own, but can be a stepping stone to a bachelor’s program as well.

But What Will I Learn With an Associate Degree?

An associate degree in Culinary Arts may teach you everything about cooking, nutrition, proper service, and business elements of the culinary industry. You may learn topics such as food safety, preparation and cooking, writing, nutrition, business ethics, human resources management and other related food service and hospitality information.

Some of the skills that you acquire may vary if you come into the program with previous education. This program may teach you everything that you need to know unless you have previous education that allows you to surpass some of your education. You may learn important skills like:


-Banquet serving

-Basic and advanced cooking and pastry techniques

-Business and ethics training


-Equipment operation and back-of-house training

-Hospitality training

-Food and cooking theory courses

What Kind of Career Can I Find?

Associate degree programs in Culinary Arts may allow you to find careers as a pastry chef, a head chef, or even in management. You can also find careers in food and beverage management, catering, hotel management, and more. There are upper level kitchen and management jobs that might require you to go on to obtain your bachelor’s degree, but you will be able to work in the meantime.

A degree in Culinary Arts may provide you with the skills that you need to work in a very fast-paced and rapidly growing industry, doing anything from food prep to line cooking and everything in between. If you choose, you can even utilize your degree to start your own restaurant or food service business instead of working for someone else. No matter what you’re picturing your future to be like in the culinary field, An associate’s degree may help you get there. 


 Culinary Associate Degrees

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