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Are you looking into a culinary arts degree within the state of Colorado? Likely you will be going to one of the amazing institutes in either Colorado Springs or Denver. There you may get a good education that will lead to a rewarding career in the food industry. You may also study online if you like so that you can gain an entire education from the comfort of your own home.

There are several different kinds of colleges you may attend. A vocational school will have low admission requirements and will provide basic knowledge needed for entry level positions. In slightly higher diploma you might learn a little about the management side of the restaurant industry.

Tips for Choosing a Culinary School

Choosing the right school is vital to your future success, so you’ll want to look at a few things. Check out the financial aid available so you know if you can even afford to go to the school. Also look at the preparedness of the institute itself to determine if the student kitchens will actually mimic work in the field. Furthermore, you will want to look at the staff that is going to be educating you. Check their credentials to find out how well they actually know what they are professing.

Learning the Local Food Culture

A great way to get an idea about Colorado food culture is to go out to a local food festival. There you will find an eclectic mix of food to sample and delight in, and you’ll also get a chance to talk to real people in the community. Rather than working and learning on a hypothetical basis, you can just get out there and gain real experience. Check out one of these events in the state:

  • Taste of Vail – Vail
  • Colorado Mountain Wine Fest – Palisade
  • Big Beers, Belgians, and Barleywines Festival – Vail
  • Food and Wine classic – Aspen
  • A Taste of Colorado – Denver

How to become a certified chef

A good internship is going to be your key to a position once you get out of college. You might want to sign up with one of the organizations in the area to see if they have a list of jobs and internships that may be available to you. Oftentimes these associations will also offer scholarships for their college bound members, so you might be able to seek some financial aid there.

People are eating out more and more nowadays, so the demand for people just like you is on the rise. According to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics annual mean wages of chefs and head cooks in May 2011 was $47,340. As you crawl up the ladder, you will be faced with tougher competition, but you may also be awarded with a greater pay. That should be enough to drive your desire for success. 

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