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Cromwell and Branford are just a couple of the well known cities in Connecticut where you can get a culinary education. There you might find some of the state’s premiere culinary institutes, as well as a thriving culture and good sense of hospitality. If a traditional education program is not fitting for your needs, you can also try studying online. There you can get an entire degree and all you need is an internet connection. Hybrid programs may also be available so you can get the best of both worlds – hands on training and modern technological convenience.

There are a few different programs you might find when obtaining a culinary education. The most elite and sought after option comes from a four year college where you will learn all that it takes to be in charge of a restaurant. However, a slightly more condensed form of education might be found at a two year university where you will learn about general management skills. If all you want to do is work in a kitchen with some basic skills, you can look into getting a certificate from a vocational school. The choice is yours.

Tips for Choosing a Culinary School

You might have a gut feeling as to which schools are better in the area, but there are some more concrete things you can look at when comparing different institutes. The biggest thing you have to consider is how knowledgeable the staff is. You want to work with people that know the field inside and out and have the credentials to back their knowledge. You also might want to see if there are any student-run restaurants on campus as they will offer direct training and experience for you. Beyond that, you should see how much financial aid you can get to determine if you can afford education at that particular university.

Learning the Local Food Culture

There is no better way to understand the food in your area than to go out and experience it. Check out local restaurants, and stop by some food festivals to gain knowledge of the culture. Here are some you might want to attend:

  • Flavors of Connecticut – New Haven
  • Rhubarb Festival – Sherman
  • Wine Tasting – Hamden
  • Raspberry Festival – Sherman
  • Taste! Organic Connecticut – Manchester

How to become a certified chef

You may always get a job right when you get out of school, but why not get a head start? You can get into an internship at an early stage to gain additional knowledge beyond what they teach you at school. One good way to see different internships available is to become a member of a food association in your area. They may offer information on said internships, as well as job availability, scholarships, and local grants.

After you get your degree, you will be forced out into the workplace. This may make you question the prospect for culinary jobs in the future. Well, you are fortunate enough to have a great outlook in store. The fact is that people simply do not want to cook at home anymore, so they opt to dine out instead. This increases the demand for people in the food industry, opening more jobs for people just like you. According to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics annual mean wages of chefs and head cooks in May 2011 was $51,160.

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