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Culinary Schools in Florida

Tampa, Orlando, and West Palm Beach – sounds like we’re going to talk about parties, right? Wrong. Instead, you might be surprised to find some culinary institutes right there in those cities and many others in Florida. This state is fraught with amazing educational opportunities, from traditional studies all the way up to online degree programs. You can find just what you need here to work in the food industry.

The most basic education will be found at the vocational level, where you can take a year of training and begin work as an entry level participant at a restaurant. The highest degree option falls with the four year program, and with a degree from such a university, you may go out and run an entire restaurant if you wanted. The two year program offers some management studies and prepares you for a broad understanding of the field.

Tips for Choosing a Culinary School

Only you can select the school that is right for you, but the right background checks can drastically improve your chances of picking something good. You need to look at the staff specifically to see if they are knowledgeable enough to adequately train you. The student kitchens you will be working in should be fully stocked, so just look at how realistic those are. You may also want to look at the majors offered in case you have a specific field of study you want to get into. A school with good scholarship programs would also be good to go to.

Learning the Local Food Culture

To get a better understanding of the food you’ll be working with after graduation, you should look into some local food festivals. Check one of these out while you’re in school:

  • Annual Kumquat Festival – Dade City
  • Naples Winter Wine Festival – Naples
  • The Festival of Chocolate – Orlando
  • Wine and Culinary Celebration – Fort Lauderdale
  • International Mango Festival – Coral Gables

How to become a certified chef

You should strongly look into working with one of the food associations in your area because they will help you get a job easier after graduation. With an organization, you might get scholarships or internship opportunities that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. Be as active as you can so you will be able to get through your jobs in the future.

There may be a great deal of job opportunities for you in the future. According to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics annual mean wages of chefs and head cooks in May 2011 was $49,230. Earning potentials may grow significantly in the future, so just work hard and you should be able to obtain financial success.

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