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Culinary Schools in Georgia

If you are looking into a culinary education in Georgia, you might find a degree program in Tucker, Atlanta or Marietta. There are good learning options throughout the state, so you should have no problem getting an education to suit your future career. If the typical college setup doesn’t work for you, there’s also the option to take classes online. That way you can do all of your learning at any time, right from home.

Within this state, you should be able to attend three different kinds of learning institutes, and each comes with its own training level. At a vocational school, you will only be given enough knowledge for entry level work. A two year university will open the doors to management skills, and a full blown four year program may give you a complete look at how to run a restaurant.

Tips for Choosing a Culinary School

You need to select your school wisely as it will be what assists your future success. Select a school with student run restaurants so that you can gain experience right in the middle of your studies. Also look for a knowledgeable faculty to assure that you are getting adequate training for the modern world. You may also want to consider the classes available at the institute in case there is something specific you want to study.

Learning the Local Food Culture

The good way to prepare yourself for work in Georgia is to get out there and taste the area’s food culture. You can go to local restaurants to see what some of the state’s traditions are, and you can also look into local food festivals. There you should find a good sampling of the foods in your area. Look at some of these while you are getting your culinary degree:

  • SCAA Annual Exposition – Atlanta
  • The Feel Good Festival – Conyers
  • Rock Shrimp Festival – St. Mary’s
  • National BBQ Festival – Douglas
  • Chili Pepper Festival – Atlanta

How to become a certified chef

If you want to get a job in Georgia’s food field, you need to of course finish your education. During that time, you may want to consider getting an internship so you can gain additional training to what you already get in class. A local association may be the perfect gateway for such opportunities, as well as insight to local job openings and scholarship opportunities.

Better education may open the doors to better pay. According to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics annual mean wages of chefs and head cooks in May 2011 was $43,050. You should note that higher positions are accompanied by stiff competition, so if you want to be the best, you have to put forth a lot of effort.

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