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Culinary Schools in Maryland

When looking to get a culinary education in Maryland, Columbia offers the only real academy to attend. There you can get the education needed to work right in the food industry at some of the highest levels of work. You might also consider attending an online university so you can gain an education no matter where you are. You can work through a school based in Florida or California just as if they were right in your home town. All you have to have is proper internet access.

Tips for Choosing a Culinary School

When selecting a school to go to, you of course will factor in cost. However, you may also want to consider the type of education that the school can provide. Look at the faculty in particular. How much do they really know? What experiences do they have to back up their knowledge? If you feel like they are well suited to train you, then all you need to find out is how equipped their student kitchens are and how easily you might be able to get financial aid to cover expenses.

Learning the Local Food Culture

You have to develop a taste for Maryland cuisine if you really want to succeed in the state. There are ways to do this, from a simple trip to the bay all the way down to a tour of some of the state’s fantastic food festivals. There you can see a mixture of what real people are cooking in their kitchens. Check out some of these below when you get a chance:

  • Beer, Bourbon and BBQ Festival – Timonium
  • St. Michaels Food and Wine Festival – St. Michaels
  • Maryland Seafood Festival – Annapolis
  • Russian Festival – Baltimore
  • Food and Wine Festival – National Harbor

How to become a certified chef

There are a lot of different ways that you can improve your chances of employment, and you can actually start while you’re in school. Getting a good education is key, yes, but so is gaining proper work experience. Try to get an internship somewhere early on. You might be able to find a good list of available internships through the food associations in your area. You might also look into those organizations for scholarships and even jobs when the time comes.

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