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Culinary Schools in Michigan

Michigan is known for beer, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a full culinary education there. In fact, Novi and Allen Park are just a couple of the many cities that have culinary academies to attend. You should be able to get an education in one way or another there, and you can always look online for educational opportunities as well. There you can get just the same kind of training, but it all comes to you while sitting at home.

Tips for Choosing a Culinary School

You should of course pick a school that you feel comfortable attending, but there are other things to look at. For one, you need to consider the availability of financial aid as that may determine how affordable the school is. Also take a look at the job placement programs that the school offers, if any. The faculty should be full of experienced chefs and professionals who are wise enough to guide you to success. Get the right mix of these things for the best results possible.

Learning the Local Food Culture

You should really try to pick up on the foods around you because they will make you a better chef overall. You should research the history of Michigan cuisine and attend some food events to see it all in action. There are festivals running all year round, so you have no excuse to miss out. Some of them are even completely free of charge. Here are just a few you might look into:

  • Michigan Winter Beer Festival – Comstock Park
  • Battle Creek Cereal Festival – Battle Creek
  • Real Men Cook – Detroit
  • Cheeseburger in Caseville – Caseville
  • Pumpkinfest - Montague

How to become a certified chef

To get a job, you should think about adding membership to a local food organization to your resume. Many places of employment will respect the fact that you are actively involved in the community. You might also be able to find job postings, internships and scholarships from the organization you are involved with, so you can drastically improve your chances for a financial future.

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