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Culinary Schools in Minnesota

If you are looking for good culinary schools in Minnesota, you could start at Mendota Heights or Minneapolis. Either of those cities can provide you with a good chance for skill development and education. You may also look at some of the opportunities that you have online as those will be great places to gain education as well. You could take an entire degree program right on your home computer if you wanted to, or you could just stick with a traditional classroom program.

Tips for Choosing a Culinary School

The thing you really have to think about when choosing the school for you is how well it is going to prepare you for a job in the “real world”. A sound education is nothing if it leads you to a position at the local burger joint. Think about the credentials of the faculty. Are they all trained professionals? Also see if the school you are attending has a job placement program and a required internship program. Both of those hallmark a good institute.

Learning the Local Food Culture

You really have to know what you’re working with if you want to be a success in Minnesota. To do this, you need to get out there and taste the foods in the area. If there are some prominent chefs around, seek out their cuisine, but don’t rule out the little guys. Sometimes local diners offer the best representation of the actual food around. You might also consider going to some of the food festivals that happen throughout the year as those will provide a random mix of foods to choose from. Here are some you might want to consider:

  • Eelpout Festival – Walker
  • Buffalo Days – Luverne
  • Chocolate, Shakespeare and Champagne – Winona
  • Corn and Clover Carnival – Hinckley
  • Corn on the Cob Days – Plainview

How to become a certified chef

One of the well-known ways to boost your resume is to get membership to a local food association. This marks an overachieving attitude that employers love. Through the organization of your choice, you might find different internships and job opportunities, and they may even offer scholarships while you are in school. Thus a simple membership can open the door to a lot of opportunities.

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