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Culinary Schools in Mississippi

Mississippi is a fun state to spell, but it’s also a fun state to gain a culinary education from. Columbus is the premier city for such a program, but there are other opportunities in the state. If none of the physical schools in the area suit you, there is always the option of taking classes online. That way you can gain an education at any time of the day right from your home computer. All you have to have is the internet and a passion for what you’re doing. Sounds simple, right?

Tips for Choosing a Culinary School

Choosing the right school to attend isn’t hard to do if you know what to look for. There are some traits that just scream good education. Having a faculty full of knowledgeable and experienced professionals is a start. You must remember that whatever the staff knows is what you will be taught, so you want to go someplace where you can be taught the most information possible. Look for a school with a sound internship requirement, as well as a good job placement program. Those will help you get a job more easily upon graduation.

Learning the Local Food Culture

The best way to experience food around you is to just get out there and start tasting. Any time you want to go out to eat, try something new. There are plenty of restaurants in Mississippi to keep your palette satisfied for the duration of your schooling. Also think about going to some of the local food festivals as those will have a more home-style array of food. You can look at some of the following, or just research ones that are coming available in your area:

  • Crawfish Festival – Biloxi
  • World Catfish Festival – Belzoni
  • Wing Dang Doodle Festival – Forest
  • Hog Wild BBQ Cooking Contest – Corinth
  • Slugburger Festival – Corinth

How to become a certified chef

You may get a good job with a good resume. Grades will be a vital part of that, but so will experience. This can be gained through internships, work study programs, participation in clubs at the university, and memberships with food associations. The more effort you put into being active within the community, the better off you will be.

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