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St. Louis is the place to go for a culinary education in Missouri. There is such a rich culture there that is only highlighted by the state’s leading food academy. If St. Louis doesn’t tickle your fancy though, you always have the option to go to school online. That way you can get an education at any time you want to, and you can work your learning around your life. A late night study session is no problem because you can make your own schedule.

Tips for Choosing a Culinary School

There is no reason to go to a school if it isn’t going to provide a proper education. Thus selecting an academy to go to is vital to your success in the field. You can look at a few different things in your decision making. Seek out a school that has a good job placement program as that will help you after graduation. Internships and apprenticeships should also be noted. Take a tour of the classroom kitchens and see how well equipped they are. You should be working with modern equipment, and you should be taught under a staff of chefs and professionals.

Learning the Local Food Culture

You should immerse yourself in the food culture of your area if you want to get the most out of your learning experience. You should take the time to note the best restaurants in the area and try to sample the foods there. You might even want to look into local diners just to get a feel for what is being made in “down home” cooking. Another great opportunity may lie in the food events that occur during the year. Check out some of these festivals while you are in school:

  • Missouri Wine Fest – St. James
  • Wurstfest – Hermann
  • Mushroom Festival – Richmond
  • Taste for the Arts – Hermann
  • Smoke-A-Palooza – St. Peters

How to become a certified chef

Your resume needs to stand out from the others in the pack if you really want to get a good job. That doesn’t mean it needs to be on lime green paper, but rather that it needs to be filled with relevant experiences. That means that you should have some good internships under your belt, and maybe even participation in a local food association. Maintaining good grades is also a necessity.

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