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Culinary Schools in Nevada

Nevada is home to great gaming, but it can also be your place for culinary education. Some of the good places to get such an education from in this state are Henderson and Las Vegas, but there are other options. You might not even opt to go to a physical university at all, what with modern technology allowing for online degree programs. If you think that such a program might interest you, then your options open up to a national level.

Tips for Choosing a Culinary School

There are several different things that go into selecting a culinary school that is right for you. Check if there are any student run restaurants on campus to get some experience through. Also look at how well equipped the teaching kitchens are and how knowledgeable the faculty is. There should be a job placement program available through the school as well, so look at that when making a decision.

Learning the Local Food Culture

To get a taste for the food around, you should note where the top chefs in the area work. Then go sample their dishes and make note of what you find. You can also look into local restaurants to get a feel for the home style eating in the area. Furthermore, you can choose to attend a local food festival that may provide a better insight on certain tastes in your city or the state as a whole.

  • Las Vegas International Restaurant Show and Hospitality Expo – Las Vegas
  • International Pizza Expo – Las Vegas
  • Supply Side West – Las Vegas
  • World Gourmet Summit – Las Vegas
  • International Baking Industry Expo – Las Vegas

How to become a certified chef

Getting a job is only hard when you aren’t prepared. Get involved with a food association early on so you can list several years of membership on your resume. You might also want to look at some clubs at your school. Being an officer always looks good to employers. Beyond that, just be involved in any internships or opportunities that come by and allow you to gain job experience.

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