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Portland is the home for culinary education in Oregon. There are other opportunities within the state, but if you want to go to a good culinary academy, that’s the place to be. There is also the option to go to school online. If that suits you, then you can essentially go to any university across the nation that offers an online degree program. All you need is access to the internet.

Tips for Choosing a Culinary School

When looking into your culinary education options, you should see if there are any required internships at the school of your choice. If so, you may be going to a proper institute. Other things to look at might be the experience level of the professors of the university or the equipment used in the student kitchens. Many universities also offer completely student run restaurants, so finding a place to study with such an opportunity might help you get direct experience in the field. It will also look good on your resume.

Learning the Local Food Culture

You should strongly consider getting acclimated with the food in your area. That means you need to get yourself out there and start tasting foods from local restaurants and food festivals. Put yourself in the shoes of the consumer and try to pick up on what people like. The aforementioned festivals can be observed all year long, so you’re sure to come across a few during your university time. Here are some you might want to attend:

  • Newport Seafood and Wine Festival – Newport
  • CHART Hospitality Training Conference – Portland
  • Northwest Foodservice Show – Portland
  • Indie Wine Festival – Portland
  • Zin and BBQ – Portland

How to become a certified chef

To get into the restaurant business, you might want to start with an internship. You could find some great opportunities through your local food associations, and being a member of those organizations will definitely look good on your resume. Maintain a solid grade point average and try to be as active in the food community as possible. There may be a job waiting for you.

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