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Culinary Schools in Rhode Island

Lincoln is the good place to go for a culinary education in Rhode Island. That is the home to the state’s most prominent culinary academy. There are, however, education options available online that will allow you to earn a degree anywhere in the state. If you have a computer and don’t feel like moving to Lincoln, you might want to consider a web-based education. In such a program, you can make your own schedule and essentially dictate how your schooling is run.

Tips for Choosing a Culinary School

In choosing a good culinary school, you should watch for some that offer student run restaurants on campus. Those will provide an instant way to get experience in the field. You may also want to consider whether or not there are required internships at the school you want to go to, and whether there are properly equipped student kitchens around for you to learn in. Also take into consideration the amount of knowledge that the professors have as they will be the ones guiding your educational journey.

Learning the Local Food Culture

The best way to get the most out of your education is by immersing yourself in the food culture of the area. To do this, you should go out and really experience the tastes of different restaurants in the area. There should be some that are owned and run by top chefs. Go to those and try to pull from the different cooking styles that you observe. You may also want to attend some food festivals in the area like the ones listed below:

  • Great Chowder Cook-Off – Newport
  • Savor Providence – Providence
  • Taste of Rhode Island – Newport
  • Great International Beer Festival – Providence
  • Taste of Newport – Newport

How to become a certified chef

Looking to the future, you need to start preparing your resume early on in your education so that you are well prepared when it comes time to get a job. You can get involved with a food organization as early as possible to maintain a prolonged membership. That looks great to future employers. You should also try to get an internship when you feel ready as it may give you a great reference when it comes time to get a job.

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