Tuesday, February 9, 2010

How Long Does it Take to Finish a Culinary Arts Major?

There are a variety of factors that are involved in completing a culinary arts major degree. As with any degree program there are issues that can affect the amount of time that it takes. It can depend on whether the student is full time or part time. It can depend on the amount of time that the student has to invest in the program. It there are family or other job constraints it could affect the time involved. Culinary art schools generally offer programs that are structured to take a certain amount of time. Certificate programs could be as little as one or two years. More substantial degrees that include management or business ownership may take from 3 to 4 years to complete. The culinary arts are a growing creative craft. As such, there is always room to grow and learn. In this respect education is an ongoing process.

To get a better idea of the actual time involved, it is best to contact the institution of choice. A representative at the school could give information on the programs offered and the length of time that it generally takes to be completed. Different schools have different time allotments for classes. Generally a certificate program can be completed in about a year depending on the content of the class. Certificate programs generally supply technical skill in a particular area. This could be helpful in obtaining employment in a general food service area such as a cafeteria worker. An associate degree is a two year degree that may covers general education and some classes in a major. A Culinary degree could take 3 to 4 years depending on the depth of the program. The food service industry has a wide range of possibilities and there are many areas that can be explored.

A good question to ask when contemplating a culinary school is how much actual time one has to dedicate to the classes. It there is general interest and a prospective student just wants to see if a culinary career is the viable, then online classes can be an option. An online culinary class could offer the flexibility to begin taking classes yet still maintain work and family life. At some point, experience in an actual classroom or restaurant will be necessary. After taking a few classes, a person should have an idea whether a culinary career is the right choice.

Dedication will go a long way toward completing any career goals. Determination and focus on the path toward a culinary career will help to complete the process in a timely matter. The journey begins with the first step. Taking the step towards a career in the culinary arts will be rewarding and enjoyable. Once begun, the time pursuing ones dream will be well spent.

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