Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Should I study at an Online Culinary Arts School?

Today, getting an education online is an option that appeals to many people. A variety of professional training is offered online. Online education offers flexibility. It is easier to take classes and still work. It can be more affordable. There is no need for a lengthy commute or relocation. There are courses available for the culinary arts online. These courses focus on instruction and the curriculum. It is advisable to do research to find out if the school is accredited. Online schools can range from basic home cooking schools to prestigious universities. There are also specialized schools that focus on certain foods. This could include vegetarian classes or foods that represent a certain nationality. It is important to research the school and get references. It is good to know what one can expect when receiving a certificate or degree from and online school.

Obviously, online culinary schools do have drawbacks. There is no hands- on training available to the student. This is a very important aspect of learning culinary skills. It is hard to know if meals are being prepared properly. An online course can supply the basics of cooking, but may not be helpful in regard to finding employment. It is important to have the experience and credentials that will impress prospective employers. Online culinary schools are well suited for chefs or cooks that are already working and wish to finish a degree while being currently employed. It is also possible to have some regularly scheduled contact classes to help with demonstration and technique, but this is not always the case.

There are benefits to an online culinary school. Variety is a key issue in food service. Taking online courses can ensure that the chef is exposed to new recipes and ideas. Some of the top rated culinary institutions also offer online programs. These institutions would supply good credentials. The Culinary Institute of Hyde Park and Johnson and Wales College are two of the good rated schools in the nation that offer courses online. Scholarships and Financial aid are also available for online courses. It would be helpful to contact the schools to find out what the employment success rate is for its online graduates. Schools may offer career placement advice or employment placement assistance for online students as well as regular students.  It could also be helpful to contact potential employers to find out if they would consider hiring a chef or cook with a degree from and online culinary school.

There are pros and cons regarding an online culinary education. The decision is up to the individual. If unable to attend a culinary campus, an online degree could be the next option. With a little research and preparation, an online degree could be the start of a new career and give the training and knowledge needed to be a chef or work in the food service industry.

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