Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tips to Apply to Culinary Schools

The decision to become a chef or food service worker can be a decision that brings financial stability in an unsure economy. As unemployment continues to rise and companies continue to close, the culinary field is one area that will provide employment in a variety of areas. A degree in the culinary arts is the first step in pursing this career. A degree will open up many doors in the job market and offer continued opportunity to grow and succeed.

The first tip to apply to culinary school is to research the available institutions and gather as much information as possible about the different schools and programs that are offered. It is also good to visit the school. Accreditation is an important consideration along with the cost of the school. It is advisable to inquire about financial aid that may be available.  It is also important to look at the requirements of the schools and the amount of time that the program requires. Look at what the school offers in regard to what sort of certificate or degree will be available. Another consideration is the possibility of career counseling or job placement services.

When applying, be careful to read all of the fine print on the application. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or ask for clarification on any issues that seem unclear. Fill out the application as completely as possible so as to make the best impression on the enrollment committee. An essay may be required with the application. It is important to know ahead of time what sort of essay the school desires. It may not be possible to use the same essay for various schools. It is important to be adaptable and to follow the instructions given as completely as possible. It will probably be necessary to get paperwork together beforehand. Request transcripts from previous schools be sent and have current financial documents available so as to avoid time delays in the application process. Your application can make a good first impression that will affect your acceptance into the school of your choice.

Another tip in applying to culinary school is to maintain a professional appearance. A prospective student may be invited to attend functions or be scheduled for an interview with the admissions committee. It is important to maintain a pleasant demeanor and to dress according to the school’s standards. First impressions are important. If several enrollment acceptances are received, the prospective student should carefully look at the pros and cons of each offer and make the best decision. Acknowledgment letters should be sent to the institutions that have been rejected. This will ensure that if something should happen to the first choice, other options will still remain. These basic tips should help prospective culinary graduates ensure their acceptance into the school of their choice.

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