Tuesday, February 9, 2010

10 Culinary Jobs & Career Pathways

The food service industry has a wide variety of options available. The majority of people only think of chefs or cooks when it comes to culinary jobs and pathways, but there are actually many areas that are possible.

1. The chef or cook is one of the major reasons that someone embarks on a culinary career. Cooks are in high demand due to the growing trend to eat meals out rather than prepare them at home. Cooks can work anywhere from the local fast food restaurant to a posh expensive establishment. Those that love to prepare food generally follow this path.

2.  Food preparation workers play an important role in the culinary industry. These workers help to prepare the salads and other foods that accompany an entrée.

3.  A Patisserier is a food service worker that specializes in pastries. This person creates special desserts, pastries and baked foods. This position can take up to 4 years of training.

4.  A cafeteria worker is also part of the food service industry. These workers can be found in schools and institutions. Although it is not necessary to have a degree to work in a cafeteria, a certificate or other training is helpful for these jobs.

5.  Line cooks are usually assistant cooks that may have a specialty. These cooks are usually responsible for grilling, frying, sautéing or making sauces.

6.  Restaurant management is another culinary pathway. Many chefs or cooks find that they would like to have more authority and control in an establishment and choose to manage. A degree program in the culinary arts usually offers training in this area also.

7.  A food service business owner is another avenue. Someone with experience and training may want to own their own restaurant or business regarding food service. Many chefs feel the need to start their own business. This gives them the flexibility and creativity to achieve greater success.

8.  Catering is another option for the culinary graduate. The caterer can prepare foods for parties, banquets and other functions. This is a great way to own one’s own business and still have creativity and flexibility.

9.  Teaching is another option for the cook or chef. There are many teaching avenues. Cooking classes could be taught at a local community college or for various organizations. Cook books line the shelves and are always popular.

10. Hospitality is another popular culinary job. Vacation areas, resorts or cruise ships are always in need of experience culinary experts. This job combines work with a holiday atmosphere.

The choices of culinary jobs and career pathway are limitless. These ten possibilities only represent a few of the many varieties that this career can offer.

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